May 16, 2010

Boston Celtics: Old Guys Matchup and have Tools to Defeat the Magic

Boston Celtics has proven to the world that they still have something left in tank with the defeat of Lebron James and the Cavaliers. The Celtics must face a team that has steam rolled their competition or should I say lack that of. Celtics does what the two previous teams were unable to do and that is matchup with the Orlando Magic.

Defense will be this series mainstay because both teams can be imposing on the defensive end. Dwight Howard is a shotblocker and Cleveland had no shotblocker that could control the middle as Howard will in this playoff series. Howard defense will be great factor in limiting the baskets that the Celtics Rajon Rondo gets when penetrating the lane.

With that said, Rondo will be able to control this game if his distribution of the ball to his teammates off the dribble penetration is superb. Rondo will not shy away from attacking the rim; therefore, Howard must play smart and not pick up the cheap fouls that will limit his playing time.

Rasheed Wallace will be the X factor for the Boston Celtics. His jumpshot will bring Howard away from the rim that will complement Rondo ability to get to the basket off penetration. If Rasheed can come off the bench and get 15 points and slow down Howard on defense when needed then expect a long series for the Magic.

Ray Allen must be consistent and cannot disappear as he and Paul Pierce have done on occasions in the series against Cleveland. Kevin Garnett needs to score, but what he does on the glass and the defensive end will be important to the Celtics becoming the Eastern Conference Champions.

May 15, 2010

What Happen to the Boston Bruins

What happen to the Bruins. Philadelphia Flyers played their way back into the series and ultimately won it. They won 4-3 in match that Bruins' fans will not soon forget. They will not forget because it marked the third time in NHL playoff history that a team fail to win a playoff series when leading 3-0. I cannot believe such breakdown has occurred more than once especially from a professional sports teams.

The winning goal came on the power play from Simon Gagne. Power play was result of the Bruins having too many men on the ice. It is difficult to have errors like the Bruins had and expect to win in the playoffs. It just not going to happen.

Bruins did not take care of business; therefore, the Philadelphia Flyers will be playing the 8th seeded Montreal Canadiens. Both teams have accomplished what may never be seen in the playoffs of other professional sports and that is beat two of the best teams in their respective league and win a playoff series after being on the brink of elimination behind 3-0 series.

Bruins will have all offseason to remember how all went wrong on May 14 and hopefully they will learn from their mistakes and not have to make them again.

October 25, 2009

Pittsburgh makes Minnesota Vikings Unbeaten Season Disappears

Their was not any magic for Brett Favre and the Vikings this week as Pittsburgh Steelers makes the Viking unbeaten season disappears. The defensive unit negates the almost mythically magic comeback capability of Favre, which have been his calling card for this season with two key components in the game. The two components brought the Steelers their victory were the containment of Vikings' runningback Adrian Peterson and the defense returning 2 turnovers for touchdowns. The one shining highlight for the Vikings was Wide Receiver Percy Harvin. He showed why he might be the most explosive rookie this season as this is the second week he scores a touchdown returning the ball for the Special Teams. He scored on an 88 yard Kickoff return.


Pittsburgh showed up in the 4th quarter and played a complete game with intensity and focus. 40 yard strike from QB Ben Roethlisberger to Wide Receiver Mike Wallace was the Steelers only offensive touchdown in the game. Defense played a major part in the victory for the Steelers. Linebacker LaMarr Woodley accounts for the first defensive score when he returned a fumble off a Brett Favre's sack for 77 yards in the 4th quarter. Later in the 4th quarter, Linebacker Keyaron Fox puts another touchdown on the scoreboard with an interception of pass by Favre attended for Peterson. Fox returns the interception 82 yards that ultimately was the last score of the game. Overall, it was a great defensive effort on the Pittsburgh Steelers' behalf.

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Two consecutive games the Vikings games were decided in the last quarter of play. A very good defensive squad that provides Favre little time to survey the field and find receivers along with stopping the best runningback in football Adrian Peterson will always have chance to beat the Vikings. Unlike the Denver Broncos, the Vikings had not proved that their record was a true reflection of the type of team they are. Too many last second comeback wins, it led me to think that it was just a matter of time before a loss comes. A loss came today at hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers. It really shows that Pittsburgh has the chops to possibly get back to the Super Bowl as they beat a very good Viking squad.

In Game Analysis: Minnesota VS Pittsburgh NFL Week 7

The Vikings offense have not been able to establish the run and thus far with the game in the 3rd quarter Adrian Peterson only has 34 yards on 14 carries. Pittsburgh defensive unit quickness is making it difficult for the passing game and they are easily keeping Peterson in check.

They are alot of hard hits as the Pittsburgh defense has shook up Vikings receiver Percy Harvin. It has been a Pittsburgh type game great defense and strong running game to control the clock.

Overall, it is a good game that will get even better when the 4th quarter begins. I picked Pittsburgh to win but 4th quarter have been problematic for the Steelers this year. They must have a strong 4th quarter or Brett Favre and company will find a way to win.

Great College Games on Saturday

It is difficult argue which was the best college football game on Saturday. The two most exciting that I either saw or watched the games highlights were the Tennessee versus Alabama and the Iowa versus Michigan State.

Iowa Hawkeyes needed the last play of game to stay undefeated. A touchdown pass from Quarterback Ricky Stanzi to Wide Receiver Marvin McNutt moved Iowa to 8-0 for first time in school history. It is a weekly occurrence that Iowa finds a way to win. Hawkeyes are showing grit but I know their fans do not like being at the edge of their seat for every victory. They will definitely take the 15-13 victory over Michigan State.

Tennessee's defense has kept them in the game in many notable ranked
opponents such as Florida and the game against Bama was not any different. A game that done most everything right to win the game but winning the game itself. Two plays by one giant of man sealed the fate of the Volunteers. It was two block field goals coming from the largest player on the Crimson Tide's squad Terrance "Mount" Cody. He blocked a kick earlier in the game, but it was Cody's blocked field goal on the last play of game that preserved the victory for the Crimson Tide 12-10.

Alabama will remain in the hunt for BCS Championship, but the scoring output of the offense must get better. Their strong defensive play will always give Bama a chance to win. Iowa is in uncharted territory with their record and in the talk for a possible BCS Bowl bid. Their offense must play a lot better and overall must keep winning to keep their team among the BCS talk. Both Alabama and Iowa played great games to remain unbeaten and in the hunt for a BCS title.

NFL Week 7 Minnesota Vikings VS Pittsburgh Steelers

Minnesota has scored over 30 points it last two games but in Week 7 expect a low scoring output from an offense that arguably has the best runningback and quarterback combination in the NFL. Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre must continue their great play in order to beat the Steelers. Pittsburgh's defense is possibly the best defense that the potent Vikings' offense has face this season. The Ravens was a field goal short from beating Minnesota and their defense gave up 33 points.

I expect a lower scoring game and I expect the Vikings to get their first loss when facing the Steelers. Minnesota is scoring points but they are not stopping the opposing team for scoring. Vikings lucks runs out this week. Big Ben has shown that he can be star when the running game of Steelers is almost non-existent. If the Pittsburg Steelers play a good game from start to finish they have chance to get a victory. Steelers defense tend to lose focus in the 4th quarter and they struggle which usually let the opposing team back into a game. Brett Favre will make them pay if the Steelers allow the Vikings to hang around.

Other notable games would be the Atlanta versus Dallas, I am anxious to see how well the Cowboys actually handle one of the better teams in the NFL. Two weeks in a row Atlanta has brought their "A" game and beat some very good competitors. I picked Dallas to win the game and everyone can see in the table below, I provide my predictions for this week:


NFL Week 7 Predictions

NFL Team Name

NFL Team Name




Atlanta Falcons

Dallas Cowboys

4:15 ET


Dallas 24-17

Arizona Cardinals

New York Giants

8:20 ET


Arizona 28-21

Buffalo Bills

Carolina Panthers



Carolina 24-10

Cincinnati Bengals

Chicago Bears



Chicago 24-21

Cleveland Browns

Green Bay Packers



Green Bay 24-10

Houston Texans

San Francisco 49ers



Houston 28-21

Indianapolis Colts

Saint Louis Rams



Indianapolis 32-21

Kansas City Chiefs

San Diego Chargers



San Diego 24-10

Miami Dolphins

New Orleans Saints



New Orleans 24-17

Minnesota Vikings

Pittsburgh Steelers



Pittsburgh 24-21

New England Patriots

Tampa Bay Buccaneers



New England 21-7

New York Jets

Oakland Raiders



NY Jets 21-10

Philadelphia Eagles

Washington Redskins

(Mon) 8:30 ET


Philadelphia 24-10

October 21, 2009

Broncos, Saints, and Vikings Remain Undefeated in NFL Week 6


Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, and the Minnesota Vikings remain undefeated. Denver and New Orleans won their games in convincing fashion while Minnesota squeaks in the door of the unbeaten once again. Vikings escaped defeat b thanks to a missed field goal. The Giants failed from ranks of the undefeated as the Saints handed them their first loss. Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders won for the first time in the season. New England Patriots' Quarterback Tom Brady set an NFL record for most touchdowns passes thrown in a quarter when he threw 5 touchdowns against the ailing defense of the Tennessee Titans. Teams I picked did very well in week 6. I actually picked Vikings to win as my write supports my choice but I forgot to erase the Baltimore Ravens which was my choice in week 5 Game. I picked 10 winners out of 14 games for Week 6. I improved little from an atrocious Week 5.

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The Green font = Correct Pick

The Red font = Incorrect Pick

  1. Atlanta Falcons VS Chicago Bears Final Score: 21-14

A great defensive game by both teams but it was a false start from veteran Offensive Lineman Orlando Pace that pushed the Chicago Bears back after only needing 1 yard on 4th down. Atlanta is beating quality teams and may be in the thick of things as season goes on.

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  1. Arizona Cardinals VS Seattle Seahawks Final Score: 27-3

Arizona showed some good defense as they held a team that blew out the Jaguars last week 41-0 to only 3 points in Week 6. Kurt Warner picked the defense apart to a tune of 276 yards and 2 touchdowns. Arizona kept the Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck grounded with 5 sacks. Larry Fitzgerald reached 100 yards receiving in their blowout victory.

  1. Baltimore Ravens VS Minnesota Vikings Final Score: 33-31

Minnesota Viking barely stays undefeated. QB Brett Favre, Wide Receiver Sidney Rice and Runningback Adrian Peterson had great games but a missed field goal by Ravens' Kicker Steven Hauschka is what brought the victory home for Minnesota.

  1. Buffalo Bills VS New York Jets Final Score: 16-13 OT

Jets' Rookie QB Mark Sanchez is starting to look like a rookie as he threw 5 interceptions in a losing effort; the bright spot for the Jets was Runningback Thomas Jones who rushed for 210 yards. Wide Receiver Lee Edwards for the Bills manage to grab a touchdown pass. Kicker Rian Lindell booted a 47 yard field goal to win the game.

  1. Carolina Panthers VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers Final Score: 28-21

Panthers manage to win their second straight game. The run was key element in the victory against the Buccaneers. Both Runningbacks Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams had over 100 yards rushing in the game.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals VS Houston Texans Final Score: 28-17

Houston's QB Matt Schaub had big day against the Bengals. He throws 4 touchdowns and amassed 392 yards passing. The Texans' defense kept the Bengals running game in check. A great game played by the Texans.

  1. Cleveland Browns VS Pittsburgh Steelers Final Score: 27-14

Big Ben put Cleveland's secondary in the shredder as he passes for 417 yards and 2 touchdowns in the game.

Denver Broncos VS San Diego Chargers Final Score: 34-23

Denver remains unbeaten as they show once against that experts were wrong calling their outstanding play a fluke. Denver is winning with all around effort from both their defense and offense. Kyle Orton had few miscues and defense is rock solid. The highlights of the game came from Wide Receiver Eddie Royal. Royal returned punt and kickoff back for a touchdown.

  1. Detroit Lions VS Green Bay Packers Final Score: 26-0

Packers' QB Aaron Rodgers showed great accuracy as he went 29 of 37 for 358 yards. One pass in particular that was caught by Wide Receiver Donald Driver made Driver the all-time Receptions leader for the Packers. Packers' defense was outstanding as they did not let Lions put a point on the scoreboard.

  1. J Jacksonville Jaguars VS Saint Louis Rams Final Score 23-20 OT

A big game on the ground from Runningback Maurice Jones-Drew helped put Jaguars over the top. He had 3 rushing touchdowns and 133 yards. It is the Rams who also could not stop Jaguars' QB David Garrard who threw for over 300 yards. Kicker Josh Scobee kicked the game winning field goal.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs VS Washington Redskins Final Score 14-6

Kansas City gets their first victory of the season. This is the second winless team this season to get their first victory at the expense of the Washington Redskins.

  1. New England Patriots VS Tennessee Titans Final Score: 59-0

Tennessee had no answer for Tom Brady and company. Brady sets the NFL Record for most Touchdown passes in a quarter when he threw 5 touchdowns in the 2nd Quarter. For the Game Brady threw for six touchdowns. Titans have been quite disappointing this season.

13. New Orleans Saints VS New York Giants Final Score: 48-27 Giants fall and it took the Saints one half to put the NFC powerhouse out of the game. Checkout my post Saints Shows the Giants No Mercy in 48-27 Beat Down

14. Philadelphia Eagles VS Oakland Raiders Final Score: 13-9

Oakland's Jamarcus Russell throws a touchdown pass and his teams win. These are words that are rarely said when talking about the Oakland Raiders. Raiders hung on to win for the first time this season. This is perfect example while all games are won on the field. I had like most all other experts picked the Eagles to win easily. The highlight of game was the 86 yard touchdown pass from Jamarcus Russell to Tight End Zach Miller.